Look Breakdown
In creating the look for the talking head from this documentary I wanted to replicate the all to familiar "Netflix Cinematic Documentary Look." I knew the FX6 was more than capable of getting me the look I desired and the Rec 709 conversion got me close in the coloring room but not quite there. The struggle here was truly balancing out my blacks and making sure that the image didn't feel to contrasty. I wanted the shadows to feel moody and dark but not so dark that it'd feel like a crime documentary. I also had to consider the dark color of the couch in my grade. It would be all too easy to bring my shadows down to where I wanted them but that would cause me to lose the black detail in my couch; to combat this issue I had to make use of my HDR wheels so that I could isolate my shadows from my blacks and have more fine control over the entirety of the image.



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